Tried something different on this Birthday and decided to make it special for my mother.  How??

After a major operation, it was a much needed break for her and had to choose the most reliable option where none of us should travel for long and something which should be nearer from home (Delhi) and comfortable too.

Haridwar!! Great, we all agreed to this and added Rishikesh in our itinerary as well.

Why Haridwar, because of its religious importance and mythological river Ganga. According to mythology Haridwar and 3 others are the sites where drops of Amrit (the exilir of immortality) accidentally spilled from pitcher which came out during “Samudra Manthan”. Haridwar is famous worldwide for its Kumbh Mela.

One should start journey well before sunrise in order to avoid rush on National Highways but being my Birthday, I was a bit lazy and started after sunrise due to which had to face terrific traffic. But it was all nice and cool as I was with my family.

After crossing Ghaziabad, Modinagar we stopped at Muzaffarnagar for some refreshments. You will find enough Dhabas to fulfill your demand of food.

We started again and were in Haridwar by 1400 hours and it was a bit emotional for my mother as she was travelling to Haridwar for the first time.

Checked into the Hotel it was at Vishnu Ghat, right at the bank of Vishnu Ghat and can see river Ganga from my room. Wow! And even the hotel they had their own Ghat (Ghat is where one is allowed to take a dip or bath in river).

View from Room
Vishnu Ghat
Night at Vishnu Ghat
Night at Vishnu Ghat

After relaxing a bit we decided to live this moment to the fullest and started walking towards famous Har Ki Pauri Ghat for Ganga Aarti. It is believed that Brahma Kund is the spot where Amrit (the exilir of immortality) fell and it is located at Har Ki Pauri Ghat. Also, ritualistic bathing is performed at the banks of Ganga to wash away their sins and attain Moksha

So much crowd, more than I have ever imagined, wrong choice of season as the month of May, June and July are the peak season for tourists to visit Haridwar, I guess summer vacations is the reason behind. During peak season one should reach by 4pm to get a good spot to experience the Ganga Aarti.


Next day, we decided to utilize this opportunity and went straight to Har Ki Pauri Ghat to take bath in the river Ganga

Har Ki Pauri Ghat

We spent at least three days there and visited famous temples out there in Haridwar, namely Mansa Devi Temple, loved it for the cable car or ropeway. The waiting time to get the ropeway ride was of 2.5 hours. In normal days it is not like that but due to heavy crowd and rush the waiting time was almost 150 minutes. But, what I liked about it that they managed it well, you purchase the tickets and show to the people at the entry of waiting hall and they will provide you with batch number and then only you will be allowed to ride the ropeway according to your batch.


You can buy stuffs from the market and it is well within the range. You can buy conch shells and different items made up of shells for interior decoration. Shopping with my wife is something which I liked the most in Haridwar as she a shopping freak and made me alike.

Also, the market has many options in terms of eateries and small – small restaurants.

The lesser known fact about Haridwar is that the Hindu Brahmins (Pandas) over there is still keeping alive one of the ancient customs and that is family genealogies of Hindu families. They have detailed family history for past several generations. The data is maintained according to original place of belonging like villages or districts. The original hand written registers are passed down to the members of the family.

Didn’t get enough time to try this out but will return one day for sure to try this out.

Famous Rudraksh Temple, Sati Kund and Geeta Mandir were amongst all the famous temples out there in Haridwar.

At the end, we went to Rishikesh famous for Rafting and there, we were welcomed by so many tourists and most of them were in early 20’s need not to tell as they were there for rafting.


There is nothing much for you in Rishikesh, if you are out there only for a day trip. To enjoy and explore Rishikesh one should actually spend at least 2 days.

What we tried out there was, Ram Jhula, Laxman Jhula, Chotiwala Restaurant and the new boat ride from Chotiwala Restaurant to the taxi stand. This boat ride will cost you Rs. 10 per ride.

Overall this trip was different and amazing. It was a much needed break for me as well. Came to know about so many things and they were quite amazing like the family genealogy stuff, Ganga Aarti in evening, huge crowd at Haridwar, Har Ki Pauri Ghat and a lot more.

Spread love and peace……