Yet another day, same story, same screenplay, same location only the actors get changed. Travelling in Delhi Metro is easy and convenient, but for those who has managed to get a seat. There should be one reserved category in Metro for the male passengers, I mean for married male passengers.

When the train arrives, people at platform turns into warriors and with all their Parkour skills they make themselves comfortable and at the same time I enter Metro, as if I have attained Moksha, despite the fact that my entire lower body, legs and especially pelvic girdle, shouts out so loud that run for your seat, run you idiot but my mind refuses it, as if getting a seat is meaning less for me. Even if I manage to get one, I ask myself, till when I will be able to be seated because after one or two stations someone will ask me for the seat and it’s very painful to vacate your seat than donating blood. Ultimately my balancing and all the shaolin skills, which I have learnt while watching those Hindi dubbed movies comes into the action and I manage myself a spot in the crowded train.

Why we fight and run for seats, as if this seat in Metro will guarantee me a seat in ISRO or NASA’s next Mars mission, but the sense of relief of achieving something makes us superior to all those who are standing.

But then comes the moment, when I console or convince myself that it’s okay, they needed it more than I do, then, there comes a couple who makes themselves comfortable on the floor of the train, and makes me jealous. I don’t get jealous because I am married; I get jealous because the textile minster at home will not buy this excuse for my dirty clothes.

Now here comes the problem, people with grey hairs run for their reserved seats sometimes it’s grey but they are not senior citizens but still they ask for seats (un reserved) and if you question them they starts arguing and will try to teach you all the moral lessons which they even lack of. Also, I have seen young school or college girls occupying the reserved seats for ladies but they won’t vacate it for pregnant or nursing mothers but the others do, others mean those who are sitting on non-reserved seats (female and male both). In reserved categories we should have one more and that is – Reserved seats for male (married) passengers.

Like others, we too face issues at office and home, we too need rest, we too work hard and we too fell sick. Please give us some space too, just because we are male it doesn’t mean we don’t need seats or we have legs and shoulders of iron.  Please treat us equally and hoping to see a reserved category for male passenger. I mean married male passengers.


Also, I hate when someone says, please adjust. You gotta be kidding me; I mean are we that uncivilized that for the sake of my comfort I will ruin someone else’s journey.

We do have smart people also, who closes their eyes and pretends that they are sleeping or will open laptop as if they are working on nuke blue prints so there is no chance that they will vacate their seats for you.

Spread peace and love!!

Daily commuter…..