Booked myself on Indian Railways and started my overnight journey. It took approximately 10 hours, from New Delhi, India.

Heard a lot about “Sangam” and “Kumbh Mela”, to be very precise this made me to travel Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh. We have heard about two rivers but the concept of Triveni Sangam was altogether a new one, it’s confluence of three rivers namely Ganga, Jamuna and Saraswati (mythical) but the sailors’ claims that they have witnessed Saraswati river many a times and that too only in early hours.

Very easy to catch an auto or hire a paddle rickshaw which will take you to your hotel. Make sure you book one before you travel Allahabad. The city looked old but if you look at it closely, it has stories attached to it.

Chandra Shekhar Azad Park (Company Bagh, in local language) is one of the famous tourists spot as this is the park where Azad ji, sacrificed his life while fighting for India’s Independence, a must visit place. Allahabad University is amongst the oldest Universities of India and it has produced some great leaders, famous writers and renowned poets. Had a great time in the busiest and over crowded market in the oldest part of the city named as “Chowk” and that was the main market, which was very well connected with almost all parts of the city. “Lassi” of Loknath’s market and “Chaat” (roadside food) of Chowk, is very famous and everyone should try this at least once.

Here comes the final day, and my planned visit to Sangam. Amazing!  What a view, from far you can easily make two different rivers meeting each other , one river was greenish (Yamuna) in colour and the other was slightly muddy (Ganga) and on top of it, cool breeze was so soothing that you will forget everything and will fall for that. Rivers were never so beautiful before, never so quiet, and never so deep. It was so refreshing that you will forget all your pains. Took a boat to reach the confluence and was accompanied by beautiful white migratory birds (Serbian, if I am not wrong), lovely. That was what I was searching for, and that was way beyond my expectations. Spent my half of the day there and the people around was so lovey and friendly and were always ready to share some mythological concepts and stories related to this city and especially Sangam. Politics was also one of the famous topics for them, they love politics. Last but not the least; Allahabad is also very famous for its world quality Guavas and Red Guavas.

One opinion was in common, that, if I want to experience the true colors of this city, I should visit Allahabad during “Maagh Mela” festival, which starts from mid-January and lasts till mid-February every year.