Arranged Marriage! Finally that day came when after all yes’s and no’s I was going to meet her. It was proper Indian styled, where prospected groom and bride meet each other along with their parents or alone and this entire process is termed as arranged marriage in our society. Although, its 21st century and we all are independent and capable, but this is something on which I always wanted my family, especially my mother to take a call.

We reached the venue; it was a PARK, hell lot of thoughts in my mind and an awkward situation too, meeting a girl in front of my family and that too on Valentine’s Day. My family used all their sixth and seventh senses to guess which place would be the best for having a conversation and I was searching a washroom because it was winters and was the coldest day I had ever experienced in my life (it was 20 degrees outside, and that’s summer for Delhites). Then at a far distance, we saw a family and it matched the description which we had got over the phone. We walked towards them and I slowly moved back and followed my family. I recognised her as I had seen her pictures before. Man, she looked more beautiful in real; she was wearing a Green Saree (bong culture + arrange marriage thingy). After greetings and introducing myself in front of The Board of Relatives, I was quiet and except verbally nodding, I was doing nothing and had no contribution in that conversation, was sitting there like a political leader, in local language I was like a Vella there. First time ever in my life, I noticed that this park had vast varieties of insects and out of so many I could only recognise ants. The insects were busy in their own world but I was an intruder to them and peeping in their personal lives. I am usually not shy, I just turned into an entomologist a minute before for few minutes.

Love at first sight, next to impossible, I mean how it is possible. It happened, yes it happened and Valentine’s Day turned out to be a perfect day to me. Most of us dream about finding their true love on this day and it happened to me. After 30 minutes or so, we were asked to talk and that we could go for a walk. Exile is what it meant to me, at that point of time none of us moved, “Go and talk”, again they asked so as a result I stood up and went to her and asked her to come with me.

Parents smiled and giggled, I mean, why? you peoples asked us to go, isn’t.

Anyways, we went couple of meters away and to break the ice, my opening statement was – Don’t you think the park authorities should trim the grass to this she laughed and that worked as the final nail in the coffin and I felt completely for her; I complemented her that her smile was beautiful and we opened a bit and started discussing about our lifestyle, education and all those not so important things. We discovered that many of our habits were same, which was a good sign for me. It went on for about 20 minutes and we wanted to talk more but we decided to go back to our parents. While walking back I wanted to ask for her number but to portray the gentleman I am, I said, would ask for your number from your dad and this is something which worked for me. So, finally it turned out to be a fruitful meeting and now she is my Wife and we are happily married. We never did the Kundli matching as we don’t believe in all this, because nothing could be more perfect than this as within 6 months we got married and in between we met several times. She visited my office and I visited hers. We were dating each other and unlike others whenever I used to go on a date with her I used to tell my family that I was going on a date, to which everyone was like please go and have a good time and make sure to take her to a good restaurant (as I am a big time foodie) and take good care of her.

Sooner or later, we all will find our true love, whether it is arranged or on our own. No matter how difficult or tough any situation seems to us until and unless we get into it, we don’t know that what it has for us. So, let’s spread love and enjoy this beautiful gift from god called life.